Delivery estimates are calculated by taking the estimated shipping date and adding the transit time (the time it takes a package to travel from our facilities to your destination address). The transit time is calculated using business days, meaning  Friday does not count towards the transit time (unless we’ve specifically offered a weekend delivery during checkout). Holidays are also taken into account when calculating the transit time.

If you live in an area experiencing an unexpected service delay (severe weather, natural disasters, unscheduled events, etc.), please add at least 2 to 3 business days to the estimated delivery date of your order.


  • Shipping charges will be mentioned on the cart while placing the order. Minimum shipping charges are AED 15. Purchases above AED 150 are eligible for free delivery.
  • Shipping may take 2-10 business days depending on the delivery location.
  • Deliveries will be made during business working days (Saturday to Thursday).
  • If our shipment has arrived at the customer’s location and there is no response from the customer, then the shipment will be rescheduled to another day.
  • After receiving an order, if you find any product missing or damaged or possibly the wrong product then you will have a maximum of 2 days to inform us. If you do not inform us within the given time frame of 2 days, there will be no refund or exchange.

Tracking Orders :

  • You can track your orders via email that is sent to you after the order has been shipped that contains the tracking number and the name of the logistics provider.
  • You can also check your order status on with you registered email I.D. on “Your Account Details” > “Orders”.

Refund & Cancellations Policy :

In case of the following scenarios you are eligible to get a full refund :
We have shipped the wrong product that is not matching with your order.

  • There is a manufacturing defect in the product ordered.
  • You have up to 48 Hours (from the delivery date) to inform us that you wish to claim for a refund as per our return policy.
  • Damages due to neglect, improper usage or application will not be covered under our return policy.
  • Items returned must be in their unused original condition with all item tags attached.
  • Incomplete, damaged, or altered returns, or anything we at Apples reasonably believe has been used, will not be accepted and therefore sent back to the customer and no refund for this.
  • We will only refund the total amount of the returned items excluding the AED 15.00 shipping fee
  • If you wish to cancel your order, please send an email to with your order ID and reason for cancellation. Please note that cancellation should be requested within 24 – 48 hours after placing an order or before it gets handed to the shipper.

Receiving a Refund :

  • No Refund for cash on delivery orders.
  • Refunds will be accepted only for orders which are paid through the online payment method.
  • Working days are Saturday to Thursday excluding UAE public holidays.
  • Please retain your shipping note until you have RECEIVED your refund.
  • Currently orders cannot be exchanged online. You have to process a new order.
  • For a Quick Refund assistance contact us on our mail or call us on +97 15 6410 3124

Damaged / Defective Items :

If you received a damaged or incorrect item, simply get in touch with our customer service team within 24 – 48 hours upon receiving the order. Kindly send us an email to and attached the photo of the damaged / defective item.

You may contact our customer service team at +97 15 6410 3124  (SAT – THU FROM 9:00 TO 8:00 PM), or send us a mail. After reviewing the email you sent, our customer service team will contact you for assistance.


  • In certain circumstances, before your order has been dispatched, we may be able to cancel your order. If you wish to cancel your order, then you’re required to inform Apples bag through email or telephone about your cancellation within 24 – 48 hours upon the time of order.
  • Please note, we are unable to combine orders, change the items, edit your billing and shipping details or add pieces to an existing order once it has been placed.
  • Your order will be processed and subject to being accepted by us, a confirmation email will be sent upon shipping.

Occasionally, orders or parts of an order are cancelled by our system for various reasons such as below:

  • Item(s) not available.
  • Difficulty in processing your payment information
  • Cannot ship to address provided.
  • Duplicate order was placed.
  • Cancelled due to customer’s request.
  • Damaged or faulty items.
  • Incomplete shipping details provided (address/mobile number).